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Internship Opportunities

What’s Available

Internships are available to undergraduate students, with some availability for graduate students, depending on school requirements. Internships with the YWCA NSRCC are all-encompassing experiences and include working on our 24/7 Hotline, being trained in Medical Advocacy, becoming trained in our Community Engagement & Outreach Programs, as well as opportunities to assist with client counseling. We also welcome students who wish to create their own internship program built around their unique interests and strengths.

This internship placement is an excellent match for students who are looking for a more community-based, mezzo level experience in their practicum.

Participation in a particular degree program may be helpful, but is not necessary, nor is any prior experience with sexual assault, crisis counseling, social work, psychology, mental health, education outreach, etc. People of any gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religious beliefs are welcome to apply. Applicants must be age 18 or older. Survivors and significant others of survivors are encouraged to apply.

Internship Requirements and Expectations:

*All interns will be required to complete the 40-hr Rape Crisis Counselor training.*

All applicants will complete a one-on-one interview with the Program Director, Nina Goodwin.

If the applicant and Program Director agree that our program is a good fit for the applicant’s practicum, the applicant will be expected to complete a second interview with the YWCA NSRCC staff. The second interview will consist of a 15-20 minute presentation by the applicant on an agreed upon topic, showcasing their presentation and research skills.

Interns are expected to take hotline shifts and medical advocacy shifts and will need a working phone and car in order to do so.

Interns are encouraged to attend staff meeting and clinical supervision meetings, which may take place in Lawrence, Lynn, or Haverhill and may finish after hours.

Interns are encouraged to attend any events we may have that do not conflict with class or work schedules, these may include weekend events (particularly in April).

If interested please email a cover letter and resume to Nina Goodwin detailing your program requirements as dictated by your college/university, along with a completed Internship Application.