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Internship Opportunities

Multi-ethnic, age photoWhat’s Available

Internships are available for graduate students, preferably for a full academic year. Internships may be focused on Hotline, Medical Advocacy, and/or Community Engagement & Outreach programs, or with our Counseling program (see below). We also welcome students who wish to create their own internship program built around their unique interests and strengths.

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to Nina Goodwin detailing hourly and supervisory requirements as dictated by your college/university, along with a completed Volunteer Application.  Participation in a particular degree program may be helpful but is not necessary, nor is any prior experience with sexual assault, crisis counseling, social work, psychology, mental health, etc. People of any gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious beliefs are welcome to apply [must be 18 or over].  Also, survivors and significant others of survivors are encouraged to apply.

Counseling Interns

Counseling Interns provide individual and/or group peer counseling to survivors of sexual assault in our Lynn office, as well as individual and/or group peer counseling to significant others of survivors. Occasionally they may meet with clients outside of the office, including Legal Advocacy by accompanying clients to court appointments or assist in attaining protective orders. They also provide support through participation in our Hotline and Medical Advocacy program.


  • Submit of resume and cover letter detailing hourly and supervisory requirements required by their college or university.
  • Submit a completed Volunteer Application for review, followed by an interview.
  • Completion of 35-hr Rape Crisis Counselor training prior to the start of direct service.
  • Attend and participation at group and individual supervision meetings.
  • Participation in weekly hotline and/or medical advocacy shifts, must also meet requirements for those programs.
  • Commit to one year of service (may be defined as one “academic year”)

Rape Crisis Counselor Training

In Massachusetts, a Rape Crisis Counselor is defined as a person who…

  • is employed by or is a volunteer in a rape crisis center,
  • has undergone thirty-five hours of training,
  • reports to and is under the direct control and supervision of a licensed social worker, nurse, psychiatrist, psychologist, or psychotherapist, and
  • whose primary purpose is the rendering of advice, counseling, or assistance to victims of sexual assault.

Rape Crisis Counselor trainings are held several times a year, usually in late spring/early summer, late summer/early fall, and midwinter/early spring. The ability to attend all segments of the 35+ hour training is a mandatory prerequisite as is the commitment to at least one year of service as a Rape Crisis Counselor. Being involved in Rape Crisis work is incredibly rewarding, and a big responsibility. No prior experience is necessary, but we do insist that all our staff, volunteers, and interns have a deep passion for social change and a strong desire to empower others. Our Rape Crisis Counselor trainings are exclusively designed to prepare incoming staff, volunteers, and interns. Please contact our office to discuss how we can create professional development opportunities for your staff, or agency such as a First Responder Training or an intensive workshop series tailored to your specific needs and experience level with issues of rape and sexual assault.  We may be reached at: 781.477.2313.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Don’t see what you were looking for? Have other interests or skills you would like to contribute to our center? To inquire about other volunteer opportunities, please email Nina Goodwin or contact us at 781.477.2313.