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We work with a number of organizations to intervene in cases of sexual violence and to prevent sexual violence.  A list of resources for you to explore is below.

Jane Doe, Inc.

The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence brings together organizations and people committed to ending domestic violence and sexual assault.
(617) 248-0922   www.janedoe.org

Healing Abuse Working for Change (HAWC)

Delivers free services to survivors of domestic violence throughout the North Shore of Massachusetts.
(978) 744-8552   www.hawcdv.org

Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center

Serves survivors of domestic violence in the Greater Newburyport/Merrimac Valley area of Massachusetts.
(978) 834-9710   www.jeannegeigercrisiscenter.org

The Network/La Red

Bilingual services (English y Español) for Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender survivors of domestic abuse.
(671) 695-0877   www.tnlr.org

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project

Providing support and services to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning survivors of domestic and sexual violence throughout Southern New England.
(671) 354-6056   http://www.glbtqvp.org

Victims of Crime and Loss (VOCAL)

Free counseling for victims and witnesses of crime, including sexual assault, abuse, and hate crimes.
978-927-4506   www.nebhealth.org

GLBT Domestic Violence Attorney Program

Offers free, confidential legal advice, referrals, and representation to low-income survivors who are lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, and will also work with all survivors regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression as well as the leather and S/M communities.
617-779-2130     www.glbtqdvp.org

Victim Rights Law Center

Provides legal representation to victims of rape and sexual assault. Their services include free legal representation, legal training, and technical support to professionals.
617.399.6720     www.victimrights.org

Drug Rehab

Provides treatment for various types of addiction.
855.727.7260  www.drugrehab.com